Indian Falls Creek

Baptisms at Big Arbor Indian Baptist Church

One of our main “mandates” at Remnant House of Prayer is to pray for the spiritual awakening of Native Americans. One of the churches we pray for is Big Arbor Indian Baptist Church in Stidham, Oklahoma. It is a small church but growing every week, and we have witnessed amazing testimonies of God’s salvation, healing and deliverance. Today Pastor Roley baptized two people and two others accepted Christ during the service!  We have also been hearing amazing testimonies and reports of salvations from a 21-day Summer of Hope Outreach that we have been interceding for across several Indian reservations. You can read some of these amazing testimonies by visiting the “On Eagles Wings” web site at:

We will be partnering with Big Arbor in prayer next week as they head out to Indian Falls Creek. It is a unique camp because even though it is a church camp, thousands of Native Americans come from all over the nation and many are unbelievers. As an intercessory missionary, this is always a wonderful opportunity to pray for Native American ministries and leaders. I attended Indian Falls Creek a few years ago and during that camp, one of the young men named Moses went missing. I woke up Wednesday night under an intense burden of intercession and the Lord said to me, “My servant Moses is dead. Where are the Joshuas? Pray for the Joshuas…” I shared this the following day with one of the leaders and he was deeply moved because he had been in an intense spiritual battle the night before as well. I would find out on Friday that the young man named Moses who had disappeared had indeed died in the surrounding forest and the cause of his death was not known. The same leader who I talked to will be one of the main speakers this year. I believe he is one of the “Joshuas” the Lord is raising up among the Native people and I will be interceding for him as he ministers next week. Thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer and support! We will continue to pray…..

Night and Day Until He Comes,



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