Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.–Psalm 84:5

Several years ago, I “set my heart” on a pilgrimage, asking God to use our little Gideon group to establish night and day prayer in our small town of Coweta, OK (pronounced KO-WEETA, not Cow-eta). We lease a space in Oak Grove Shopping Center, on hwy 51, also known as “William (Bill) Bright Expressway”, just outside of Tulsa. In the beginning, I thought it was about setting “watchmen on the wall” (Isaiah 62) or setting up a watch of the Lord like the Moravians in Germany so that “the fire on the altar” would not go out (Lev. 6:13). I thought it was about filling prayer slots so that SOMEone was praying in our city 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I thought it was about tearing down denominational walls and seeing churches come together in unity to worship and pray and evangelize our city. I thought it was about preparing the Bride or at least praying that she would make Herself ready for Her soon-to-return BrideGroom King, Jesus. I thought it was about praying for the lost people in my city to experience the Real Love of Christ or about holding up the arms of the spiritual leaders, as Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms during battle. But after nearly three years of “showing up” for prayer day after day, week after week, no matter who came or how boring or what prayers were answered, after sitting at His feet again and again and gazing into those eyes of fire, I realize it about so much more. Or maybe I should say it is about so much less. It is really about becoming a 24-hour house of prayer, myself, a prepared vessel and dwelling place for God. It is about becoming a woman of “One Thing”–to seek after and dwell in His Presence to behold His beauty all the days of my life (Psalm 27:4), to be Loved (by God) and then to BE LOVE to everyone I meet.

I “process” what I am learning best when I talk it out, teach it or write it so I’ve decided to start this blog to record my journey, in hopes that along the way, I will discover what it really means to “build a house of prayer.” I wrote several entries on another site and hope to include them here, but I seemed to have trouble inserting images or media before so I’m going to try using this one and see how it goes. There is one thing I have definitely learned along this “pilgrimage” and feel confident in saying right off….that is that even though I “set my heart” on this pilgrimage several years ago, I have to keep setting it again and again. I often feel like Allie with dementia in the movie “The Notebook”, who keeps forgetting who she is and needs her husband to come and read their story each day just to remind her who she is and why she is there. I have wanted to “cut and run” more times than I can count, but somehow my Husband never lets go and keeps “telling the story” again and again to “bring me back Home”. So here goes–I’m setting my heart on a pilgrimage. Again. My strength is IN HIM and He IS the end result. The Goal, my exceedingly great Reward. It can be done. It’s going to be worth it. And if I build it, He will come.


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